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Wearing fashion is one thing knowing who made it is something else.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Time flies if one´s having a s... time. As mentioned before opening a fashion brand is a truly horrible experience therefore I´ll keep the update short. We actually, God knows why, opened a new branch, actually on a pretty cool spot in the center of Vienna and are, God knows why, not doing that horribly after all, actually we´re doing fine. In Serbia things got a bit rough, we had to let go some of our stores, well as mentioned many times before on this blog, do not, do definitely not open a fashion brand in a gigantic consumer crisis, it is a very, very stupid idea, people just don´t have money, that´s the reason they call it a crisis. This information I unfortunately keep repeatedly ignoring. So nobody knows why, I´m planning to open a new branch in Serbia soon. I definitely don´t know what I´m doing any more. If there´s anyone with a brain reading this I´d be happy with any kind of graphs, riddles or other fortune cookie wisdom that makes me stop opening new locations.
Our production on the other hand is truly developing nicely, our quality has improved dramatically. At times it feels that we are getting the hang of things. You may check our website for the newest products and I´m sure you´ll confirm the improvement.
Well, that´s it.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life goes on...unfortunately..

Obviously I have been too gloomy cause life has taken an unexpected twist - so there you go change does happen. The secretary did leave my depressing office to spend her life  swimming in the warm Arabian sea with an embarrassingly  good pay instead, whereas she  could have listened to my constant lament about the state of affairs and I am still puzzled why she changed her job. Must have something to do with the weather...... Last time I made my point that if you are not creative and hate fashion you are the right guy to open a brand and now I wish to confirm this point a second time and add that the real qualifications of opening a fashion brand are suicidal tendencies and the will to get quickly rid of family inheritance. There is no more effective way known to man to lose your mind and money then to put it into a creative company. And I might make the point that I am getting rather good at it.
Why so gloomy ?
What went wrong this time Phil?
Nothing, it is just dragging on in painful slow motion, scratching the barrel, wringing the towel, cutting open the tooth-paste to scratching out the last bits...my life is horrible .

By the way I am searching for new locations, just bought some upbeat colours for spring, realised later today that I overpaid. Nothing I like more on a rainy morning with a stiff neck then a good old rip-off.

Let me say it for the last time on this blog : DO NOT OPEN A FASHION BRAND :)

P.S.But if you do open as many shops as you can

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finally and then again no. In case someone reads this blog consider this to be our bottle message: Don´t open a fashion brand.
This might come handy :)

Or at least not during an economic crisis... Not that things are bad, it is more an undefinable gut feeling something bad is going to happen.

So what has this to do with fashion, here is my point, exactly, NOTHING!
Where has all the fashion gone?
Where is the fun?

Basicly, as a recommendation if you really don´t enjoy fashion, creative working, meeting people, you could open your own fashion brand.It´ll be just right, for you.You will be sitting day after day in your little office, staring at numbers in red, answering phone calls of brain damaging, boring `how to` questions. Did I mention that we are again opening a new store? Growing is so much fun.
My secretary thinks I must end this post more upbeat, hippie hippie yeah, and smiley ..... 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mean liar

Last January I have promised you this: DB online marketing team apologizes for neglecting our blog so cruelly.
First on our new year list is blogging, blogging and more blogging.

Lies, all lies. We hardly have been posting anything. I am not sure why it isn`t working out, but fashion gigs always say less is more. Well? if this is true we are damn fashionable :) 

So, let me date you.
We are growing, God knows how, here in Serbia situation is still in recession mode. We opened recently a new location and are in the mid of moving into much bigger production location. Pictures coming soon. I wrote to you many times about gray and dark gray even black, well I attempted to use olive green to describe our current situation. Which is dangerously optimistic.

Let us quick write something bad or I go mad.
Our neon sign is not legal. It is there for 10 years but government is recently discovered it dangerous potential of ruining the prettiness of the officially historic building we are having our store in. Should I mentioned the building is 10 years old too. How fast history kicks in in Serbia. One employer attempted a pension fraud???

Oh, I forgot the best part one landlord tried to kick us out because of unprofessional too honest behavior. Yes. I have discovered a new Serbian business category unprofessionally honest.

Don`t worry we will go to criminal evenings school soon. 

No you know everything, moving up, life bizzar like always.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hold the thief

Who didn't hear that stealing is bad, well, but... my neighbor apples are so sweet :)

Have been traveling, saw this idea, had to copy it. Bad, bad DesignedBy team.

Anyway, thanks to unknown inspirator.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally spring

I'll be back, said the winter and left our shop.

See the pictures of new spring collection on our website


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No secrets from you

Seven days before we are going to release the spring collection 2012 a special threat for you dear followers :) PREVIEW... 

comments come easy .-)