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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finally and then again no. In case someone reads this blog consider this to be our bottle message: Don´t open a fashion brand.
This might come handy :)

Or at least not during an economic crisis... Not that things are bad, it is more an undefinable gut feeling something bad is going to happen.

So what has this to do with fashion, here is my point, exactly, NOTHING!
Where has all the fashion gone?
Where is the fun?

Basicly, as a recommendation if you really don´t enjoy fashion, creative working, meeting people, you could open your own fashion brand.It´ll be just right, for you.You will be sitting day after day in your little office, staring at numbers in red, answering phone calls of brain damaging, boring `how to` questions. Did I mention that we are again opening a new store? Growing is so much fun.
My secretary thinks I must end this post more upbeat, hippie hippie yeah, and smiley .....