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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Newsletter for Belgrade

Dragi kupci,

Hvala Vam za sjajnu 2010 godinu.

**Sezonsko snizenje pocinje!
Novogodisnje party haljine.

**Snizenje 30%
U periodu Bozicnih praznika pocinje Akcija popusta na celu kolekciju.Nasi zimski modeli su se veoma dobro prodavali u proteklih nekoliko nedelja stoga Vam preporucujemo da uskoro posetite nase radnje.Posebno naglasavamo da je ostalo jos samo nekoliko komada naseg ljubicastog zimskog kaputa.

Novogodisnje party haljineSa jos dva nova odevna modela stavili smo tacku na 2010 godinu. Haljine su sasvim drugacije i prilagodjene novogodisnjoj zabavi J
To je nacin da Vam DesignedBy pozeli Srecnu Novu Godinu.
Cak i najnovije novogodisnje haljine su na snizenju od 30%.
Hvala Vam sto ste pruzali podrsku DesignedBy kompaniji u 2010 godini.

Sve Najbolje Vam zeli
DesignedBy Tim!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Year is passing by

This will be my last update 2010. and I think it is time for an over all pathetic, "well done Boys".

I am not sure how long you are following this Blog so, let me brief you up, a little.

DesignedBy is founded in October 2009.
Since than in a crash course we have experienced a very very still on going economy crisis on Balkan.
Major shifting s in our team.
Production reality in Serbia ( Oh my God, help me, if you can).
More madness, unknown troubles.
Basically every s... you can imagine.

But all of this, is fine. It is life :)
The things that bite are the things you cannot imagine. The day by day stuff, don`t try this at home things.

We managed to open four DB stores and to find three boutiques who selling our brand. We had to open our own sewing company and to open and close shops, office, storage location...

We managed to have and have not a fashion show ???

We managed hired and fired four secretary???

We managed to have 2½ nervous breakdowns

We managed to survive the most beautiful emotional moments ever.

.... Sorry but I think I will leave this end of the year nonsense and go for my Christmas shopping.

We are anyway continuing, so what! Let`s leave the history to the historians.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


@ Dear Boss

:p               ... if you know

Work with fun :)

DesignedBy Decoration-Team in action

// I wonder if our chief designer will ever again do something else than having fun within DesignedBy.
/// Please give us some new dresses!

Now in Millennium great work from Milan Ilic