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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mean liar

Last January I have promised you this: DB online marketing team apologizes for neglecting our blog so cruelly.
First on our new year list is blogging, blogging and more blogging.

Lies, all lies. We hardly have been posting anything. I am not sure why it isn`t working out, but fashion gigs always say less is more. Well? if this is true we are damn fashionable :) 

So, let me date you.
We are growing, God knows how, here in Serbia situation is still in recession mode. We opened recently a new location and are in the mid of moving into much bigger production location. Pictures coming soon. I wrote to you many times about gray and dark gray even black, well I attempted to use olive green to describe our current situation. Which is dangerously optimistic.

Let us quick write something bad or I go mad.
Our neon sign is not legal. It is there for 10 years but government is recently discovered it dangerous potential of ruining the prettiness of the officially historic building we are having our store in. Should I mentioned the building is 10 years old too. How fast history kicks in in Serbia. One employer attempted a pension fraud???

Oh, I forgot the best part one landlord tried to kick us out because of unprofessional too honest behavior. Yes. I have discovered a new Serbian business category unprofessionally honest.

Don`t worry we will go to criminal evenings school soon. 

No you know everything, moving up, life bizzar like always.