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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Who knew?

Dear fans from the commercial industry,
Please keep on commenting on this blog I religiously follow your exciting comments and purchase suggestions. In other words I am happy if any miserable f***** reads this.

To keep my promise of giving you an authentic no make up look into our brands development, an update is overdue.
As expected after our glamorous opening of our flagship store in the center of Vienna the world gave us eight months of glory and happiness to make us feel cozy and warm and let the dream of a better tomorrow sink nicely under our skin just deep enough to truly hurt when suddenly pulled out again.
Autumn came and our little shop transformed into a customer desert and sales numbers dropped into a big dark red hole. Unfortunate management changes did their worst and troubles piled on from that day forward. At present we are keeping the location on standby which is basically the worst idea you can have in an ocean of bad ideas but it wouldn't be our brand if we didn't safely pick the worst choice if opportunities present themselves. But if you now think these guys must be finally finished you have misjudged our resilience or outright stubbornness to respond to a crisis with an even bigger disaster. We are a living example of "Wag the dog" movie.

Setting our setback aside things are taking their course and it is clear to everyone following our brand that our production and design keep improving dramatically and unexpected sales opportunities are pumping up and keeping our ship afloat. Actually things are not that bad at all. For reasons beyond understanding we have found an agent who keeps our dream alive of total world domination.

To conclude this update it is a time of particularly mixed emotions, we took several heavy blows to the body and experienced some pretty awesome opportunities given so for the first time in the last several years we are actually baffled for it seems with all cautiousness that this self-destructive performance art project called JKobald brand has not seen its worst days yet.