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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life goes on...unfortunately..

Obviously I have been too gloomy cause life has taken an unexpected twist - so there you go change does happen. The secretary did leave my depressing office to spend her life  swimming in the warm Arabian sea with an embarrassingly  good pay instead, whereas she  could have listened to my constant lament about the state of affairs and I am still puzzled why she changed her job. Must have something to do with the weather...... Last time I made my point that if you are not creative and hate fashion you are the right guy to open a brand and now I wish to confirm this point a second time and add that the real qualifications of opening a fashion brand are suicidal tendencies and the will to get quickly rid of family inheritance. There is no more effective way known to man to lose your mind and money then to put it into a creative company. And I might make the point that I am getting rather good at it.
Why so gloomy ?
What went wrong this time Phil?
Nothing, it is just dragging on in painful slow motion, scratching the barrel, wringing the towel, cutting open the tooth-paste to scratching out the last bits...my life is horrible .

By the way I am searching for new locations, just bought some upbeat colours for spring, realised later today that I overpaid. Nothing I like more on a rainy morning with a stiff neck then a good old rip-off.

Let me say it for the last time on this blog : DO NOT OPEN A FASHION BRAND :)

P.S.But if you do open as many shops as you can