Our business fashion label is opening its doors to anyone who likes our fashion.
Wearing fashion is one thing knowing who made it is something else.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reality check

We opened our production space three weeks ago and I think it is time for a big update.

The idea of this blog is to give you an inside on our daily reality. And things continue to be very heavy in DesignedBy. I guess it is simply very hard to set up your own fashion label.
We are to small to small to small to small and to big? Ordering fabrics to small ordering zipper to big. It is right now a diabolic swirl. To big but mainly to small. All this problems of the last months have accumulated into a gigantic black hole.

You can order from us but not to much :-) stupidest business message of all times.

I guess if we survive this year than we can look forward to more problems next year :))
Disaster here we come.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi folks :-)

Dear, don`t be lazy :-)

Look at brave Marina and Jasmina and likewise send us your sketches, art works at http://www.designedby.name/ if you really want to become our designer.

Greetings from DesignedBy team

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DesignedBy airline ???

Today is the first day of DesignedBy production place. Yes! We have our own litlle sewing company. What mad weeks! First a new shop in Vienna and now our production space in Belgrade. what will came next? DesignedBy airline ??? :) And yes, we are even so cool to buy us a Solingen scissors :))

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What has happen so far part four

Hello folks.

I will give you from time to time an inside What has happened so far in Designed By history:-)

Wall or no wall

Decorating a shop is never easy. But … there are levels of not easy. I think in the history of shop decoration we have an honorable place in the category not easy. in my history blogs I will tell a couple of these episodes. Slavica has proven to be a tough fighter. She will have my life time respect for being in charge of the shop decoration DesignedBy shop Belgrade one. Originally Igor has been in charge but his fighting for our furniture and graphics made it impossible to also take care on painting walls and buying carpets. I guess right now you will smell some exaggeration, how difficult can it be to decorate one shop
J You just have never been or lived in Serbia. I promised myself not to complain on Serbia in this blog . But something is just impossible to avoid.
Ok. We called various painting companies we called freelancer and friends and friends of friends. We got offer between six hundred and hundred fifty euro. Mainly around 150€ so we made a deal with a painting company for 200€, they came in time some days later. First question:

They: Do we have a letter?

PHIL: No. I thought you are a painting company should you not have a letter.

They: Yes, at home.

Slavica is a proven hero when to the neighbors and organized one. ????

PHIL: Can you cover the floor with plastic for production, (wooden floor)?

They: We do not make dirt. We are professionals.

( If you have ever, heard a”Majstor” say - I am a professional RUN and run FAST). So I back them nice to put plastic which means I had to drive and organized one. Two days later they finished and we met for money. I do not know how to tell you but a big part of the room was not painted.

PHIL: What about?

They: We have a different job and have to go.
PHIL: So what to do.
They: We want money.
PHIL: You are not finished.
They: You better pay us.

(This will be not the last threat before this shop is finished)
I could see there is no sense so I paid 150€. Next day we found a new painter. I asked for the price to finish the wall. He calculated 150€??? I agreed and asked him to bring his own letter. Plastic is still on the floor.

He came he painted he left he did not finish. He came he ask for money I told him is not finish he said nobody cannot see this corners. I said I can. He said he want his money. I gave him 100€

Next day we called for new painter. He calculated the price for the remaining corners 150€??? I agreed. He messed up my wall and left. No money.

A new painter came, some parts were finished then I gave up.
You can not understand for this words the madness and emotions of these days. Slavica was every morning at six o´clock there to open the door for workers who usually came at nine o`clock, who always forgot something and we had to go and buy it. Who left around one practically did not do anything.. Bad days….
Oh I forgot wall 500€ and not fin yet _:) and never will !!!!