Our business fashion label is opening its doors to anyone who likes our fashion.
Wearing fashion is one thing knowing who made it is something else.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fashion workshop

Don`t participate at DesignedBy fashion work shops, it could get out of hand...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pay as you feel update

The new retail concept for our shop in Vienna is now running to 4th week. I would like to give you all a small but honest update.

First of all and the most important costumers are reacting very responsible and understanding.
No one so far took clothing's for funny money.

Costumers pay what they are used to pay which means if they are usually buying a skirt for 15 they pay 15€ if they are usually paying 30€ then they are paying us 30€ ...?
As expected we are all following our prize map in our head.

The process of "reshoping" through information is not working good enough yet.

Our mistake: We are not giving enough information clearly visible.

Short summery:
The concept Pay as you feel in retail is possible, if you targeting the right costumers and if you display your story front and center.
If the costumer is left alone he will follow his shopping routine.

So far we are very happy with this experiment!

Friday, November 12, 2010

DesignedBy news flash

Yesterday night we were celebrating the smallest grand opening ever in TC Mondo.
The DesignedBy team want to say “thank you all for coming,” we had a great fun.
We invited DesignedBy VIP only which means our strongest online and real life supporters. The true DesignedBy folks…

One more time thank you for all the afford helping us losing all this nerves :-) developing a fashion brand. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I guess I am repeating myself by saying that starting a fashion label is a real challenge.
You are constantly spinning around like a mouse in a wheel.

Is it life or there a system that makes fashion start up life so difficult.

Imagine in Serbia today we cannot get spring color samples???

And we still haven`t completely finished the winter collection.

The question is not "why", it should be "what did we learn"?

Only a super flexibility and super short production circle>>
A do it all yourself spirit>>
Independent network>>

Can let us escape the system

So, 2011 will be tricky not to make to much noise without being invisible

Any suggestion?

Preview picture

New shop in Zarkovo

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pay as you feel

Enjoy, experience our new retail concept in Vienna

Here is the what, how and why?

For some times we have been looking for a fresh way to meet our costumers.
We thought that our product considering the real life market situation needs a different way to speak with the costumers. Pay as you feel we figured mind to the trick.
The decision considering rent, salaries, material, production, shipping, was all but easy.
Never the less going to the unknown is a journey through the darkness parts in trading :-)

Couldn’t be easier come in our shop, look around, pick your favorite and pay as you feel.
Easy enough?

Well the why isn’t that easy to tell. It is a mixture between fighting against china and co., costumers who are running for the cheap or the hip brand of the season. It seems like the world has lost its reason. All a bit dramatic, but then, why not. 100% made in Europe is actually our story. So, the cut a long story short If I haven’t been to confusing any how.
We want to give our costumers the opportunity to “reshop” to drag the cheap devil out of them and put made in Europe back in.

Now you might ask, what is in for them?

100% made in Europe
Italian and French fabrics
Helping us, is helping themselves, we are together stuck in Europe
Interacting with young designers
Wearing a unique product
Doing the right thing

Good enough? We honestly hope so.

Guerrilla Phil

Do you know how it feels to realize that you have lost the connection with the world?
I hate the world:-)
At least a little...
Why has DesignedBy become so political these days?
To me, it is simple, either we, the middle class survive, or the big cooperation will take over.
Is it really that simple...?   ...For us, it i s:-(DesignedBy is a middle class company with a middle class product for and only the middle class costumer.But the middle class is sleeping, and like it or not, we have to shake them up, or not sell a thing.
I know it is confusing.
...ask me about it
I started a small NICE fashion company and now I am in the midst of a revolution.
:-) Guerrilla Phil

>>> and I really need your support.