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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What has happened so far part three

Hello folks.

I will give you from time to time an inside What has happened so far in Designed By history:-)

Fashion show virgin?

Disaster! Last November 2009 we have been invited to our first fashion show in Zagreb. Like it goes with fashion business everything good comes in the wrong time. In this November week we finished our first order catalog we have been working on for six weeks and our small DesignedBy team was running mad through Belgrade. That is why we could only spare Magda traveling to Zagreb. We were promised to get all kind of support from the organizer (Make up, shoes...). Well, as you can guess things did not work out the right way. A sad moment for DesignedBy. Our first fashion show as a label and they could not / or didn`t want to put our name on the video beamer. Biggest disaster ever for new label, so actually by record we did not have a fashion show ??? And we did not have shoes. So no shoes, no show, by these day DesignedBy is still a fashion show virgin. ;-)

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