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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Friends

We are to fast for this Blog or to be more precise I am to lazy for my company.
The Boss is always the problem maker :-(

I am sure you have notice that we have opened our third selling spot in Belgrade and a little secret for me another baby is on the way.

Yes, it is time to be amazed :-)

You mind ask now, how is it going, is it still light black, or is there some darkgrey on the horizont.
Without being to positive, I believe, we are moving towards dark, darkgrey. At least, it looks like today.

"News from the production"
It is getting claustrophobic, believe it or not we are looking for a bigger space right now.
Yes, it is mad, we just signed the contract one month ago???

What are we doing?

Don´t ask me!

Vienna shop
Well, that is a bizarre situation but tomorrow I will tell you more.

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  1. oh no what a waste of time and effort..but if it's for the stores own good, why not? u mean you're having a baby??! Congratulations!!! when i hd mine i stopped blogging for a while, same as my friend, but keeping it up will keep your ff-wers too=)