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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pay as you feel update

The new retail concept for our shop in Vienna is now running to 4th week. I would like to give you all a small but honest update.

First of all and the most important costumers are reacting very responsible and understanding.
No one so far took clothing's for funny money.

Costumers pay what they are used to pay which means if they are usually buying a skirt for 15 they pay 15€ if they are usually paying 30€ then they are paying us 30€ ...?
As expected we are all following our prize map in our head.

The process of "reshoping" through information is not working good enough yet.

Our mistake: We are not giving enough information clearly visible.

Short summery:
The concept Pay as you feel in retail is possible, if you targeting the right costumers and if you display your story front and center.
If the costumer is left alone he will follow his shopping routine.

So far we are very happy with this experiment!


  1. This is such a great idea....come to Australia!


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  3. This is an awesome concept. Following and looking forward to hearing about your progress along the way. The clothes look lovely!